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There are two things we want you to know about our program: we love ROBOTICS and our COMMUNITY.

Revelation Robotics is an independent team of two aspiring engineers who attend Randall K. Cooper High School in Northern Kentucky. We live and breathe VEX Robotics. Being involved in this highly technical and collaborative program has allowed us to improve life skills such as teamwork, problem solving, and perseverence. This STEM program continually advances our knowledge in engineering and computer science. To us, there is nothing better than building, programming, documenting, and driving our robot, and nothing more important than supporting teams and programs in our community that seek to do the same.

If you are a high school student in the Cincinnati area and this sounds like something you would enjoy, please reach out to us.



Community Events



Our robot has its work cut out for itself in this season's game.


Our passion for community is encapsulated in this mini documentary.

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Our School

Our school has been important to our program's success over the years. The students and staff have given us so much support throughout our team's journey, although our school is not the direct organizer of our program. The teachers at Cooper have guided us through many of our engineering and programming issues and encouraged us to continue to work and persevere.

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