About Us

Our Story

In 2017 the idea for Revelation Robotics was born. We had just finished our final year of LEGO Robotics and we knew our PASSION for robotics needed to continue. By that time, we also knew that we wanted to do more than just compete and learn – we wanted to share our learnings with anyone who might benefit. So, we combined learning with sharing by volunteering at local robotics camps. Those camps gave us a great balance between learning, doing, and teaching; as we learned, we taught others.

Soon we found ourselves wanting to become more competitive, so we started by learning how the top teams in the region achieved EXCELLENCE so consistently. We found that process, planning, discipline, knowledge, and hard work are really the core key ingredients to running a winning program, so we integrated those items in ours. We closely studied core engineering concepts and sought mentors who could supplement our knowledge, and we built our own engineering process with the help of those mentors. We learned about Gantt charts and waterfall planning, and we began to document everything we do in our Engineering Notebook.

In 2019 our mentors challenged us to think, not just about what we wanted to achieve for ourselves, but also what IMPACT we wanted to have on the region. So that year we made a choice to prioritize community service equally alongside our competitions. We spent weeks of personal time supporting the local VEX community by working at camps, giving personal workshops to schools and programs, and offering sessions to other programs on how to document and manage tasks, and how to code; we still do these things today.

This is our team's fourth year competing in the VEX Robotics Competition program. We have seen many victories and many defeats on the playing field. We have seen our robots perform well and we have seen them fall apart in the heat of battle. While our trophies can tell the world that we are a highly competitive program, we really hope that the world can see that... robotics and be fun, challenging, and ultimately a great way to connect with your COMMUNITY.

We invite you to connect with us as we continue on our journey.

Logan Daugherty

"After four years of robotics, I'm still loving building, programming, and competing. Each year, I strive to learn something new to better prepare myself for the future."

Taylor Daugherty

"This is my fourth year competiting the VEX Robotics program and third year on this team. I love competiting in VEX because of there is always something new to learn. However, my absolute favorite part is getting to help others learn and improve."

Our Mission

Through challenges and success we will always innovate and improve and help others to do the same.

Our Vision

We want to create as many opportunities for students to engage in youth robotics as possible. We want to expand the STEM talent in our region and expose more students to engineering. Our community involvement will always put this vision as a top priotity.

Our Values

Hard Work
We welcome that excellence means putting in our very best effort. We follow through on our work until our goals are acheived.
Coopertive Competition
We are very competitive, but we believe that everyone grows when we work together.
Our testing and results drive our decision-making. We believe that the statistics and facts will lead us to the right path to take.
Positive Attitude
We find that maintaining a positive outlook on failures and victories helps us continue to learn and improve.