Outreach Activities

Our Outreach

We love giving back to our COMMUNITY and encouraging students to learn about STEM. Our favorite part of participating in the VEX Robotics program is getting to help students who are eager to learn more and try new things. Engaging these students offers them a potentially life changing opportunity and a road to a successful college education and career.

It is so important to us to INSPIRE future engineers because similar encouragement has shaped who we are today. We are so thankful for our mentors and coaches who have given up their time to inspire us to work hard in everything that we do. Without these important people, we would not be who we are today. It is very important to us to offer this kind of encouragement to students who are just like we were just a couple years ago.




Lives Impacted


Covington Catholic Robotics Camp

Notebook Presentation

Mini Maker Fair

Yealey Elementary LEGO Robotics

Oyler School