Core Websites

VEX Robotics has many great resources for teams. You can find everything from game manual updates to certifications to purchasing VEX materials on their website. We use this website to purchase VEX approved materials for our robot and review game updates. We recommend this teams to check out this website to see everything new with VEX Robotics.

The VEX Forum is a great resource and communication center for teams. You can find everything from coversation threads to robot design discussions. We use the VEX Forum to keep up with all of the new designs and notebook tips teams and students have shared. We recommend teams check this platform out to keep up with VEX related conversations.

Robot Events is a great website for teams. This website allows users to view a wide variety of information about everything VEX. Teams can use Robot Events to sign up for events, view the global skills rank, participate in online challenges, and view event results. We often use this to sign up and view events as well as keep tabs on the global skills ranking. We recommend this website for teams to access everything VEX Robotics.

The Robotics Education Competition Foundation website is very important for the 2021 season. Not only can you find information about the games and resources for attending and running tournaments, this is also where you can get up to date information About local, regional, and world competitions and how COVID-19 may affect them. We also recommend this resource for finding scholarships!

Core Applications

VRC Hub is a great phone application for teams. This program allows users to accurately score matches by inputting game specific information. We use VRC Hub after our matches to confirm match scores with the referees. We highly recommend using this application while competitng.

VEX Via is an amazing phone application for teams. This program allows users to view information about events such as awards, team schedules, and match results. We use VEX Via at all of our competitions to make sure we never miss a match and record our match scores for the engineering notebook. Although this application heavily relies on event partners updating the program often, we highly recommend this program to see team schedules and results.

VEX Code is a great programming desktop application for teams. This software allows students to program using a library created specifically for VEX teams. VEX Code is great for both new and experienced teams. We recommend checking this software out for teams looking for somewhere to write their code.

Our Competition Results

2020-2021 Change Up

2019-2020 Tower Takeover

2018-2019 Turning Point